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Whom Are You Battling?
  • Author: Br. Michael Fernandes

One of the key reasons we need additional power in our lives is because we are in the middle of a spiritual conflict. There is a spiritual war that rages all around us. The Bible tells us that we are not victims and prisoners in this war. We are more than conquerors. (Romans 8:37) Our battle is not against another person. It is against the demonic spirits. Our struggle is not against flesh and blood even though it seems so. Demonic spirits often control certain sp read more...

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The Unseen Reality
  • Author: Br. Michael Fernandes

During His earthly ministry, Lord Jesus seldom visited gentile territories (non- Jewish areas). He did Gentile people but on two occasions he went to Gentile areas. One of these areas was Gadarenes. This mission of Jesus was very special. When Jesus came out of the boat he met a man with an unclean spirit. What is an unclean spirit? In simple words, it is another word for ‘demonic spirit’. Here the man who was possessed was living in tombs. Dead people read more...

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  • Praises

    Mrs Dorothy Galbano
    I was suffering due to swelling. When I consulted the doctors, they were not possible to understand the reason of the swelling. I prayed for healing using the Word of God and I was healed of the swelling. So I praise and thank God.
  • Praises

    Mr Paul Barretto
    My son was suffering from bleeding in the nose for 2 days. I called one of the English Meeting Team members and requested for prayers. Instantly, my son was healed in the mighty name of Jesus. So I praise and thank God.
  • Praises

    Mr Ralph Fernandes
    I had been praying to the Lord to make a way for me to attend the English Prayer Service since I had issues at my work place. God answered my prayers by making it possible for me to attend the English prayer service. So I praise and thank God.
  • Praises

    Miss Rajeshree Jagtap
    I attend the English Prayer Service at the Karuna Sadan Hall, Kurla on Sundays. (1) God saved me when I was about to fall. (2) I prayed for release of my ID Card and God answered my prayers helping me to enter the college. So I praise and thank God.
  • Praises

    Mr Lionel D'Souza
    On Monday, April 7, 2014, I gave an advertisement to be published. This was to be published a week later. I prayed to Jesus that it be released earlier. God answered my prayers and the advertisement was released the same week on Saturday and it was on the top. So I praise and thank God.
  • Praises

    Mrs Violet D'Souza
    My husband and I used to argue over petty issue disturbing our peace. I started praying using prayers from “Diamonds” scriptural prayer booklet every day. God has answered my prayers and restored peace in our relationship. Since 15 days, there is no problem. So I praise and thank God.
  • Praises

    Mrs Velinda D'Penha
    (1) My son Caton was suffering due to congestion, cough & cold since sevral week. Medication did not give him any relief. I called the Karuna Sadan Prayer-line and requested prayers for my son's healing. My son's is much better now. (2) I was down with fever and chest congestion with severe cough and cold. I called the Karuna Sadan Prayer-line requesting prayers for my healing. The very next day, I was set free from fever. I am better now. So I praise and thank God.
  • Praises

    Mrs Tulsa Pradhan
    I had a mild attack on Saturday at 6.00am. My neighbour who saw me asked me for the anointed oil. She applied the oil all over my body with expectant faith. There was no need for me to get admitted in the hospital. So I praise and thank God.
  • Praises

    Mrs Sheela Parab
    I was suffering with pain in my right knee and leg since 4 days. I attended the Marathi Sabha at the Karuna Sadan Hall, Kurla on Sunday, April 13, 2014. During the healing service, there was word of knowledge regarding healing of leg. I claimed the healing over my condition and believe I am healed. I praise and thank God for it.
  • Praises

    Mrs Prema Shetty
    My daughter's passport has been released. So I praise and thank God.
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